Airport Bike Connections

Pittsburgh Airport Bike Connections

The Airport Corridor Transportation Association has published the airport connections transportation map, which highlights the parks, trails, businesses and campgrounds in the area. The transportation association is working to create infrastructure improvements and informational resources that help visitors and area bicyclists to travel easily and safely. The map also includes useful information for riders such as basic hand signals for bicyclists and instructions on how to fix a flat. 

Pittsburgh Airport Corridor Bike Connections Map 



ACTA Airport Bike Map Page 1

ACTA Airport Bike Map Page 2

Download this file (ACTA_Bike_Map_Airport_Page_1.pdf)ACTA_Bike_Map_Airport_Page_1.pdf[ ]1650 kB
Download this file (ACTA_Bike_Map_Airport_Page_2.pdf)ACTA_Bike_Map_Airport_Page_2.pdf[ ]2264 kB